Family: a support system?

We have been trying to create awareness among those who are struggling with different mental health issues by asking them to voice out, not be ashamed of their illness, be brave enough to accept therapy. But not many of us have been targeting their support systems which in most cases are their families and for some their close friends. If only my family was well informed about the mental health issues and understood what my mother was going through, she wouldn’t have been ashamed of her condition which further wouldn’t have delayed her treatment. Even to this day, they still believe her treatment was just an unnecessary expenditure.

We are trying to come out with our struggles and face the world, but is there someone on the other end ready to listen to us and understand us?

Few days back, amid Mental Health Week, I was talking to someone about a news where a person struggling with depression made a suicidal attempt. I was surprised to hear her thoughts on the incident, where she said that “these people who take such steps are insensitive to their loved ones, as they don’t think about leaving their families and loved ones behind”. What about those loved ones who don’t understand why a person took such a step, what made them fall in the dark pit. On one hand we are talking about depression, anxiety but are we just talking? Is it even making sense to us?

A friend of mine was unable to sleep since few days and recently got diagnosed with anxiety with panic disorder and depression. He was able to confide in me as I understand mental health and thankfully convinced him to visit a psychiatrist. When I asked if he told about it to his family, he plainly responded they won’t understand. Another of his friends whom he shared his struggles with advised him that there isn’t any need to see a doctor for these issues. It’s sad to imagine, what could have he gone into, if even I didn’t encourage him to visit a doctor.

Although, it is important to encourage people struggling with mental illnesses to voice out their issues, it is even more important to inform the families and prepare them to stand with their loved ones, to stick with them so they are not alone in these difficult times.

Sometimes, the love and care a family can provide is the most we need to fight these illnesses.

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Chaotic Mind

Do you experience trouble focusing on a particular task? Try to occupy yourself to minimize the window of never-ending thoughts? Wander around in your own galaxy while listening to someone’s prolonged tales, realizing you missed the most important point and thus being embarrassed to rewind the conversation? I can imagine a lot of you going back in your head and nodding to each one of them. This happens to me all the time. Most of us are targeted by this little piece of our body called mind, the organ that is immensely capable of taking over our bodies. We then try to distract ourselves from those elements constantly buzzing in our heads by ways like socializing, watching TV, gossiping, checking for miracles on Facebook like more number of likes which does pushes the thoughts away, however are just temporary ways.

Now aren’t you wondering, although you’re aware of the fact, it seems clueless to erase the train of thoughts, is it even possible? It is a little challenging although, even the biggest of the saints and gurus faced struggles to master over their minds. C’mon, we can’t really be that hard on ourselves. Being a target of my own mind, I tried certain things to calm myself and get over these irrelevant thoughts. Some of them did prove to be successful and some were mere arrows in the darkness. Being a person who loves being in her own company most of the times, I enjoy exploring myself in the best possible ways.

I feel it is important for a person to start loving their own company along with socializing. A lot of us feel secure with people around, but there are times when all those bodies go into hibernation mode and it feels like the end of the world. Okay, I won’t complicate it further and share how I try to get rid of these loop of thoughts:

  • What do you love: first step towards knowing yourself is, ask yourself a question “what are all the things I love doing”? Make a list of all those things you genuinely enjoy doing, that make you feel relaxed and accomplished. Avoid including chores where you regret after indulging into.
  • Is it important? While you have been thinking over and over, ask yourself a question, “are these thoughts worth your time?” or by any means “are these making you feel happy?” if not, apparently, my friend you are wasting your precious time.
  • Love yourself before loving others: it is important to be kind and loving towards others, but is that possible without loving yourself? To love others, you need to know the meaning of love, which is only possible when you are capable to provide it to yourself.
  • Physical activity: I know while growing up, you’ve always been hearing to indulge into exercise, meditation, yoga and what not and wonder to yourself, but where do I find the time for all this. I too felt the same but ended up trying. Even going for a quick walk, avoiding any kind of distractions and instead indulging into nature can do wonders.
  • “ME” time: In this case, different people prefer different ways of spending their Me Time. Many prefer to be surrounded by friends rather than staying by themselves, whereas there are some (including me) who choose to stay by themselves. I feel taking out ME Time is important for each one of us, doing things that relaxes our minds and away from all the voices in our heads.

Yes, if it’s ME, you ought to be selfish and do things that gives you peace even if that involves saying no to an outing with your BFF or your sweetheart (remember only certain moments, so I am not responsible for any tiffs: pun intended)

I hope this not so unique but important information helps you. I’ll be happy to get your valuable feedback and feel free to poke me, if you don’t agree with any of these.

In your service, always!!!

Open a door for someone

A little and simple gesture, although, can brighten up someone’s day. Practice this step almost every time you can. With a smile on your face, hold open the door for somebody coming behind or someone who’s in need.

They say action speaks louder than words and through this action you are being polite to people.

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Listen to someone

Few days back I went out to grab a coffee with two of my co students, and ended up sitting at the café for hours. I realised one of our classmates was quite stressed and had a lot going on in her head wanting to spurt out her thoughts. We listened to her for quite a while after which she felt much relaxed.

You don’t generally share your feelings with everyone. But there are times when you so want to share your thoughts with someone. Take a moment off from speaking and listen to somebody.


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Compliment someone randomly

How do you feel when a person appreciates or compliments you? And how does it feel when your work or all your efforts dressing up goes unnoticed? Although we don’t expect, even a single word of appreciation makes us feel more confident and energised.

Follow this act with somebody a stranger. Compliment them on their appearance or appreciate their service. Everybody loves a positive feedback.

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